Select Heifer Sale 2017
Select Heifer Sale 2017
September 23, 2017 (Open House) | September 28, 2017 (Online Auction) | BCR Ventures (Open House)
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Saturday, September 23rd
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Thursday, September 28th
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LOT 1 – Red Lazy MC Gilda 120E
Reg#: 3736773 | DOB: 2017-02-11
Red DKF Razor 55C x Red Mile High Gilda 9204W
MGS: Red Bell Rock Jester 316N

When we started to decide on who Lot 1 would be, “Gilda” quickly made the top of the list! We have been more than impressed with the first Razor calves, and this girl is exactly why. Dark cherry red, big hip, a ton of middle and sweet as can be- this one certainly has all the goods. From the show ring to the donor pen, this front pasture kind of cow is destined for big things! This female has a total outcross pedigree and will be fun when breeding her. This is the first set of Razor heifers to be sold, and he certainly stamps them!

LOT 2 – Red NCJ Scythia 9E
Reg#: 3716039 | DOB: 2017-01-20
Red NCJ Lazy MC Venom 34Z x Red NCJ Scythia 2Z
MGS: Red Lazy MC Wrangler 3W

COW POWER! 9E takes that phrase to the next level. This Venom daughter offers a ton of muscle, bone, and mass that is pretty rare to find in a Red Angus! You’ll be hard pressed to find an easier fleshing brood cow prospect with a more maternal body shape across the country side. There is a Facebook page called Belly Dragger Nation and Brian feels that she could be on this page all day long!

LOT 3 – Red Lazy MC Firefly 301E
Reg#: 1996603 | DOB: 2017-02-13
Red NCJ Lazy MC Ramblin Man 305B x Red Lazy MC Miss Firefly 36Z
MGS: Red Lazy MC Lookout 153X

The word “gamechanger” hits pretty close to home on this one!  Out of the legendary Firefly 36Z cow and by Ramblin Man, she checks all the boxes for us!  Big foot, stout bone, square hip, bold rib shape with a long feminine front end and flat shoulder. Oh, and did we mention momma? Right… She’s got CHAMPION written all over her.

LOT 4 – Red Lazy MC Miss 137E
DOB: 2017-02-19
Red Six Mile Signature 295B x Red Mile High Gilda 9204W
MGS: Red Lazy MC Eye Spy 64Y

When you provide a really nice cow with big feet, extra bone, great hair, and a killer look, you’ve got a show heifer deluxe! She looks the part to be pictured at a backdrop now, but she’s still green enough to get even better with time, and to top it off she’s got the personality to match her phenotype. We really like the few Signature calves that we got on the ground this year, and her dam, Miss 121B won a ton with Laurie Morasch in Canada- her future is bright!

LOT 5 – Red Lazy MC Tibbie 165E
Reg#: 3736445 | DOB: 2017-03-02
Red NCJ Lazy MC Ramblin Man 305B x Red ACC Tibbie 10C
MGS: WPRA Legacy A-314

A younger heifer that easily gets the sleeper stamp. Ultra cowy with a phenomenal set of feet and legs. She may be green, but purple is quickly becoming her favorite color. Her dam is a Legacy daughter and they have earned their spot in our herd, and this one will do the same regardless of where she goes!

LOT 6 – Red NCJ Minerva 36E
Reg#: 3737227 | DOB: 2017-02-09
Red NCJ Lazy MC Venom 34Z x Red NCJ Minerva 13S
MGS: Red Lazy MC Precision 14P

A Venom daughter that can do it all. She has a balanced look, the right kind of width and natural thickness, and the feet and legs to tie it all together. She may not be the first one you look at, but you won’t be disappointed if she’s the last one you see on the way in every night. NCJ Cattle Co has a phenomenal set of cows, and it was hard for them to let this one go- but she is destined to go do big things!

LOT 7 – Red Lazy MC Grace 169E
Reg#: 3736789 | DOB: 2017-03-02
Red Lazy MC Hollywood 127C x Red Mile High Grace 89X
MGS: Red Lazy MC Cowboy Cut 26U

This big, stout, growthy heifer has the bold rib shape and big hip to make cattle with extra power while keeping soundness in check. If the Hollywood’s have an udder like their grandmother (36Z), you’ll love her even more as a cow. Her dam, 89X, has been a great female for Lazy MC, consistently producing top bulls and females for them! Hollywood semen rights recently sold to Australia to Bolton Family and they recently sold semen on him for $210 per straw.

LOT 8 – Red Lazy MC Express 110E
Reg#: 3736777 | DOB: 2017-02-05
Red Lazy MC Jack 119C x Red Lazy MC Express 101B
MGS: Red Lazy MC Eye Spy 64Y

Moderate, extremely maternal, great legged, and dark red – this one offers the longevity and versatility to make someone a lot of money! She is one of the first heifers by Jack (Parker son) who sold for $20,000 last year to Wilbar Farms in Saskatchewan, and out of an Eye Spy female that is on Brian’s top ten favorite list at Lazy MC!

LOT 9 – Red Lazy MC Duchess 125E
Reg#: 3736779 | DOB: 2017-02-13
Red Ter-Ron Parker 34A x Red Lazy MC Duchess 45Y
MGS: Red RMJ Redman 1T

A bold bodied, wide made, thick ended female who covers her stride the way a good cow should and is still sharp fronted – do not take her for granted!  We campaigned a 7/8 sib for Bob Smith this past year that is made just like her and if you saw “DaBob” you know what we mean.  This Parker daughter is everything we love about every heifer we have sold out of him, pure cow prospect that will make a lot of green for whoever owns them!

LOT 10 – Red Lazy MC Kuruba 193E
Reg#: 3737239 | DOB: 2017-03-18
Red NCJ Lazy MC Venom 34Z  x Red Lazy MC Kuruba 6Z
MGS: Red Lazy MC Lookout 153X

Not only is she moderate and smooth with a maternal sweep to her belly, but this Venom daughter was also blessed with great hair and a friendly personality; perfect for a first time showman looking to have success in the ring with a cow they can build a herd around! Her mama is by the great Lookout 153X- his daughters are consistently great cows!

LOT 11 – Red Lazy MC Blackbird 156E
Reg#: 3736441 | DOB: 2017-02-26
Red Lazy MC Tradition 111C x Lazy MC Blackbird 25Z
MGS: Red SSS Soldier 365W

This big, growthy, soft ribbed heifer has a great look from the side. She is feminine through her head, neck and shoulder, and great in her skeleton – all the pieces it takes to be a favorite in the pasture.  Cool outcross pedigree on the bottom side, 25Z is one you can safely bet to have something to take a second look at every year! This is also Tradition’s first calf crop, and the 3 we have in the sale show the stamp he puts on them!

LOT 12 – Red Lazy MC Dalmistu 101E
Reg#: 3736783 | DOB: 2017-01-25
Red DKF Razor 55C x Red Lauron Dalmistu 42C
MGS: Red Lazy MC CC Detour 2W

A dark red, stout made heifer who has the brood cow basics you expect from a Red Angus with an extra shot of width and thickness. This January calf is another Razor daughter and reminds us a lot of Lot 1.

LOT 13 – Red BCR Firefly 403E
Reg#: 3737235 | DOB: 2017-03-02
Red DKF Razor 55C x Red Lazy MC Firefly 210C
MGS: Red Ter-Ron Parker 34A

Feminine and functional certainly describe this heifer. She may be slicker haired, but she’s big bodied, good legged, and built to be a great cow.  Her dam is a Parker x Firefly that we bought out of Lazy MC’s 2016 Cowgirls Sale, and this calf proved that it was a good purchase!

LOT 14 – Red Lazy MC Firefly 161E
DOB: 2017-03-01
Red Lazy MC Gunner 141B x Red Lazy MC Miss Firefly 36Z
MGS: Red Lazy MC Lookout 153X

Attractive profiling, stout made heifer who has the pieces to be ultra competitive. This up headed female has great lines, good hair, and the structure to last, but we recommend a more experienced showman take her home.  With a super cool pedigree being a Gunner x 36Z, this one has donor written all over her and will be a heck of an addition to any herd!
LOT 15 – Red BCR Pepper 402E
Reg#: 3737231 | DOB: 2017-03-04
Red DKF Razor 55C x Red Lazy MC Pepper 177C
MGS: Red Lazy MC Cowboy Cut 26U

Extra feminine, level made heifer that’s sound footed and super sweet to be around. This good haired heifer gets better and better by the day! Out of a Cowboy Cut cow, this female is another that we think will be a show stopper in the pasture one day!

LOT 16 – Red NCJ Scythia 22E
DOB: 2017-01-30
Red Lazy MC Splash 14T x Red Lazy MC Scythia 78N
MGS: Red Lazy MC Thrity X 22L

This one is a group favorite and nicknamed “Splash”! Here’s probably the best minded cow in the bunch – she may lick you to death! But to go along with her personality is a powerful dose of maternal quality. She’ll be big ribbed, sound, and have an incredible udder as a mature cow.  We campaigned a Female called Bess 149B that had the same phenotype as this heifer.  Look at the pictures of her sire and dam and you will see that this heifer has a great future ahead of her. 
LOT 17 – Red Lazy MC Sparkle 117E
Reg#: 3736449 | DOB: 2017-02-10
Red Ter-Ron Parker 34A x Red Lazy Mc Sparkle 102Z
MGS: Red Lazy MC Grid Iron 66S

Big, rugged brood cow. Huge topped, thick ended female who comes from a long line of great uddered cows. Her dam comes from the legendary Bess 12S cow family, and we think the Parker mating was a hit!

LOT 18 – Red Lazy MC Gloria 148E
Reg#: 3736775 | DOB: 2017-02-23
Red Lazy MC Tradition 111C x Red Bar-E-L Gloria 109W
MGS: Red YY DSGN King 522R

This February heifer is built right at the ground, which lays the foundation for her maternal look above that. Her maternal sibs have been nothing short of great cows, and we’re confident that this one will follow that trend!

LOT 19 – Red Lazy MC Firefly 176E
Reg#:  3736447 | DOB: 2017-03-08
Red NCJ Lazy MC Ramblin Man 305B x Red Lazy MC Miss Firefly 36Z
MGS: Red Lazy MC Lookout 153X

Another Ramblin Man x 36Z, this one is a shot softer bodied and darker colored than her sister, but we expect them both to come with exceptional udders like their mother. This female will have a big future as a bred heifer and bigger future as a donor.

LOT 20 – Red Lazy MC Jolene 131E
DOB: 2017-02-09
Red Ter-Ron Parker 34A x Red Lazy MC Jolene 303B
MGS: Red Lazy MC Trooper 21Y

As you would expect, this Parker daughter has a powerful view from behind. Bold bodied, wide pinned, with extra muscle shape. Plus, she’s got a wonderful attitude to go along with her ultra functional foundation. Add to the fact her dam is a full sib to Ramblin Man, you will love her!
LOT 21 – Red Lazy MC Miss 147E
DOB: 2017-02-09
Red Six Mile Signature 295B x Red Lazy MC Miss 67R
MGS: Red Lazy MC Smash 41N

Dark red, long spined heifer who combines a feminine look through her head and neck with extra stoutness from there back. Her dam, Miss 67R, has certainly earned her stripes as a donor cow and this one adds to the list! If you have any questions about 67R and what she has done give John Carter a call, he has had a few of them and can testify to the maternal side of her pedigree.
LOT 22 – Red Lazy MC Contender 114E
Reg#: 3736785 | DOB: 2017-02-09
Red Lazy MC Tradition 111C x Red Delar Contender 54B
MGS: Red RMJ Redman 1T

A February Tradition heifer that is hard to pick a hole in. Flat shouldered, great body shape, level hipped and super good natured. Look up the word complete; here she is!  Her mother is a really good Redman daughter that is hard to pick a hole in, don’t let this one pass you by!!!

LOT 23 – Lazy MC Lady 112E
Reg#: (CAN) 1972625  | DOB: 2017-02-06
Silveras S Sis GQ 2353 x Lazy MC Lady 234B
MGS: Musgrave Aviator

She may not be the same color, but she shares the look of maternal quality with her red counterparts. Neat fronted, extremely sound, and big bellied with great hair – not only is she the kind you can have success in the ring with, but she’s also outcross pedigreed to most American genetics, truly diverse potential here!