Select Heifer Sale
Select Heifer Sale
September 29, 2016 | Cattle in Demand
College Station, TX

Thursday, September 29th
CATTLE IN DEMAND | College Station, TX
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LOT 1 – Red YY Patty 134D
Red Lazy MC Detour 2W x Red YY Patty 701T
To start off the 2016 Select Heifer Sale, Lot 1 has the pedigree with the phenotype to back it up, and leads off the sale pretty easily. This Detour x Patty 701T calf is one that has true donor potential. She has the huge bone and tremendous muscle shape that we all want in our herd. Then add in her rib shape that is just like her dam, who was 2010 Canadian National Champion Female for Lazy MC Angus, and she is a no miss for any program. If you are in the market for a game-changing donor, this is your chance to buy one at a young age!

LOT 2 – Red Lazy MC Cassie 214D
WPRA Legacy A-314 x Red Lazy MC Cassie 104X
Lot 2 is a Legacy x Gridiron daughter that is super sweet in all aspects. Big bodied, smooth shouldered and a killer look that makes you want to drool. Put her in motion and her true cow potential is clear as day. Here is one that will work for the first time showman all the way to the most experienced stick.

LOT3 – Red Lazy MC Lorin 168D
WPRA Legacy A-314 x Red Lazy MC Lorin 46X
Another Legacy, Lot 3 has been a favorite of several people who have come out to visit already. She quickly rises to the top of the ranks of the sale. Once you see her picture, you quickly spot her long sleek neck, smooth shoulder and ultra big capacity. This one has the foot, bone shape and muscle to complete the whole package.

LOT 4 – Red Lazy MC Miss 524D
Red SSS Soldier 365W x Red Lazy MC Miss 67R
Here is an April heifer that is pretty green, but do not overlook her! A pedigree that boasts some of the best and most sought after genetics in the business, Lot 4 will be one that will live up to the expectations. Big middle, smooth shouldered and ultra feminine, all she needs is time and feed!

LOT 5 – Red NCJ Bardella 49D
Red NCJ Lazy MC Ramblin Man 305B x Red NCJ Bardella 29Z
When I toured Nathan Jensen’s herd, this Ramblin Man heifer quickly caught my eye and her picture and video prove why. Dark red, moderate and cowy all in one package, then you add in the bone, muscle and foot that is a must for anything in our herd. Lot 5 will never be the biggest, but we certainly think she will be one of the best!

LOT 6 – Red Royal Anchor U-Mah-Kait 216D
Red Lazy MC Gunner 144B x Red Royal Anchor U-Mah-Kait 67Y
One of the first Gunner calves to be available, Lot 6 is a prime example of the stamp that he has put on his progeny. She is long sided, square hipped with a sleek front end that will be a great show prospect. Sound footed, you will like her as much on the move as you do when she is standing still. This one is sure to be a stunner in the show ring!

LOT 7 – Red Lazy MC Darlin 402D
Red NCJ Lazy MC Ramblin Man 305B x Red Lazy MC Bess 176B
Another Ramblin Man x Bess 176B, a direct daughter of the legendary Bess 12S cow that was Supreme Female at Canadian Western Agribition in 2008. Nicknamed “Darlin” around BCR, this one is as sweet as can be in ways possible. You have to love her dark color, awesome foot and leg set and the huge rib shape this one possesses. If you like easy doing cow prospects that will also be a gem in the ring, this one is for you!

LOT 8 – Red Flying O Angel 203D
Red Lazy MC Gunner 144B x Red Flying O Angel 05A
Lot 8 shows that “Gunner” stamp, long sided, square hip and ultra long front. She is a little greener today, but if you study all of her pieces she has true potential. Be sure to check out her video-put her on the move and you will see what we are talking about!

LOT 9 – Red Six Mile Lana 546D
WPRA Legacy A-314 x Red Six Mile Lana 917W
Lot 9 is a maternal sib to the 2015 Fort Worth Junior Show Champion Red Angus Female shown by Owen Tolar. This April heifer has been stamped by her dam’s genetics, long sided with tons of muscle. With a good nature, and pretty to look at, this is one you will like having around!

LOT 10 – Red Lazy MC Tink 403D
Red NCJ Lazy MC Ramblin Man 305B x Red Lazy MC Bess 149B
One with a Champion title already on her resume, this heifer was on the side of the 2016 Houston Junior Show Champion Red Angus Female. Sired by Ramblin Man, this is one that can best be described as a “no holes” type of female. She stands on an awesome foot and structure with length of side all while being ultra feminine. Super complete and easy doing, Lot 10 will live up to the Champion status that her dam, Bess 149B and granddam, Bess 12S have achieved!

LOT 11- Lazy MC Express 111D
A-1 Lazy MC Century 5322 x Lazy MC Express 131B
Lot 11 is sired by Century, and with one look you can spot his stamp on her. Century consistently produces dark red, long sided, good-legged females and this heifer follows suit. She is one that will go from the show ring to the pasture and never miss a beat!

LOT 12 – NCJ Karama 24D
Red NCJ Lazy MC Venom 34Z x NCJ Karama 1001X
The only Venom daughter offered in this year’s sale, she is one that had length of body, depth of rib and lots of muscle. One word to describe this female would easily be “cowy”! Out of an outcross black/red carrier female, the splash of white on her flank gives her that extra pizzazz.

LOT 13 – Red Lazy MC Gloria 407D
Red Lazy MC Neo 529A x Red Lazy MC Gloria 118B
Lot 13 is the only May heifer in the sale and she sure has huge potential! Don’t let her size fool you, she is one that can turn heads. Super thick with a square hip, her spring of rib is second to none in the group.

LOT 14 – Red Lazy MC Lady 510D
Red Lazy MC Eye Spy 64Y x Red Lazy MC Lady 17Y
An April heifer that we think could be the sleeper of the group. Don’t let her greenness fool you, she has all the potential to be big time. Backed by champions on both sides of her pedigree, Eye Spy 64Y and Lady 17Y, all Lot 14 needs is time to see some purple!

LOT 15 – Red Lazy MC Icecap 105D
A-1 Lazy MC Century 5322 x Red Lazy MC Icecap 186A
This Century daughter is a big, stout, huge bodied female. Ultra square hip and tons of muscle make this heifer one of the powerhouses of the group! Great foot and bone shape make her the total package, one you don’t want to miss out on.

LOT 16 – NCJ Dressed 2 the 9s 10D
Red NCJ Lazy MC Ramblin Man 305B x NCJ Dressed 2 the 9s 901W
One of only two January’s in the sale. Lot 16 is dark red with great hair. With a long side and the extension in her front end you will not want to take your eyes off of this female. Huge muscle, this one has “bull maker” written all over her!

LOT 17 – Red Lazy MC Cristy 571D
Red SSS Soldier 365W x Red Lazy MC Cristy 132X
A full sibling to one of the donors at BCR, this April is one that you need to take a long look at. This heifer is big middled and ultra feminine. Add that to the fact there will not be too many more daughters available out of the great Soldier bull, you will be glad you added this one to your herd!

LOT 18 – Red Brown Creek Sunflower 151D
Red Lazy MC Gunner 144B x Red Brown Creek Sundlower 8A
The last of the Gunner calves to sell, but don’t overlook this one! She has gotten better each day, with no signs of slowing down. Out of Sunflower 8A who collected several banners for Laurie Morasch in Canada, Lot 18 does a great job of combining all the best pieces of her sire and dam- long fronted, huge middle, dark color, and a great foot and bone. We feel this heifer has the future as an elite donor for someone’s program!


LOT 19 – A-1 Lana 301D
Red Lazy MC Trooper 21Y x A-1 Lana 599Y
The last but certainly not the least of the 2016 Select Heifer Sale offering Lot 19 is a January heifer by of the great Trooper 21Y. She is a maternal sibling to the heifer who won the 2015 Hoosier Beef Congress and Reserve Champion at the 2016 Indiana State Fair for Jacob Shuter, sold as Lot 3 in the 2015 Select Heifer Sale. This female is long sided, dark red with plenty of muscle.